Sunday, June 29, 2008

Welcome Home Taylor!

Taylor missed the last 2 days of school in Idaho so she could get here in time to go on a 26 mile Pioneer Trek with our Stake. She was only 1 of 4 girls in our Ward who made the committment to go. I was really proud of her for going.
Jackie Hsu, Hannah Byers, Taylor, and Kathy Hsu

Here are some questions I had her answer (for the record)....

Did you like wearing Pioneer clothing? When it was cold YES. When it was hot NOO.

What was your Trek family like? Well, my ma was always making life comfortable for others no matter where it put her. My pa was the encourager. My brothers (Cody, Easton, and Kelton) were the strong ones. My sister Heidi was strong and popular, Grace sort of did her own thing and Kendall was always talking with the boys.

What did you do to pass the time as you walked, and walked, and walked, AND walked? Mostly I thought and thunk and thought some more. Sometimes about pioneers, sometimes about music actually a lot about music. Also Grace, Heidi, and I sung a lot of songs (mostly disney) and Ma. We also talked a lot. President Riggs passed and we asked him what his favorite song was and found out that his favorite disney character is King Loui.

Tell us about the food you ate and how you cooked it? The food was magically filling and that was good enough for me. But the only food we 'cooked' was a PBJ.

What was your favorite thing about the Trek? Game day. You see we didn't just walk and walk and walk. The third day we had a game day and it was the bomb. That day we had chocolate cake bonus.

What did you learn about the Pioneer's? They were stronger physically then I thought.

What was your most memorable Spiritual Highlight? When we read the letters sent from home.

Was it worth missing the last 2 days of school? Heck yes! I'd do it again in a heart beat!

Here is what she looked like when I picked her up 3 days later at the Church- STILL SMILING!!

And then, 10 days after the Trek, she left for Girls Camp. She missed a lot of the getting ready stuff for Camp, but luckily I was the Camp Director for our Ward. It was so fun to be with her at Camp. Taylor gets along with everyone, and makes friends with everyone. She is always smiling, and never complains.

Arriving at camp, the buses broke down and they were on the HOT bus with no A/C for about 2 hours, then the buses had to drop them off a 1/2 mile from Camp. You'd never know by the look on Tay Tay's face!

Taylor in the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Camp Pants" (Taylor and Hannah designed these and they each took a turn, along with Hannah's mom wearing them one day at camp!)

Humanitarian Project Class

There was no stopping Taylor at the water hole. The "Arizona" in her really comes out when she is around water, she went down rock slides, jumped off rocks, and the water was FREEZING!

Hope you had fun on all your Church Adventures, but we are glad they are all over and we get to finally hang out with you!!

What Time is It? It's Summer Time!!

Wow- has it really been a whole month since my last post?? This month has been a crazy and busy one. Kind of glad it is almost over, although it has been fun, it will be nice to relax! What has been keeping us the most busy is Swim Team and Dive Team. The girls are doing Dive Team and Brig is doing Swim team. I love it because it is early in the morning, and I hate it because it is early in the morning. It gets us going for the day that is for sure. here are some of the Meet Highlights...

This is Brig in his first meet, he didn't want to go, but as soon as he got his ribbon he was glad he came.(he doesn't care what color he gets- he is just trying to get one of every color!)

Brig with Addison above and Cole below.

The Kennedys have been doing Dive Team with us. This is all the kids first year doing diving, they have learned alot and really love it. Alot of the kids they are competing against have been doing it a lot longer. They still are having fun, even though they don't win, and they have improved so much! Here a couple of Macy's dives I was able to capture.

and Kohl...

Showing off their hard work!

And here are some of Kaitlyn, Emma, and Clay's....

Kaitlyn and Emma are always neck and neck, I can't wait for the Olympics 08/08/08 so they can see the Diving Competition- it is one of my favorite Sports to watch in the Summer Olympics!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June, 2008

I know- don't be shocked, but here's my feeble attempt to update and get caught up. If you know me, you know I can't just start with today, I have to begin where I left off from the last post- or else it would drive me nuts!
Happy Birthday to my baby girls!
On June 7 and June 10th- they turned 9 and 10! They were born a year and 3 days apart, but at the time and looking back to that time of life, it all feels like a big blur. Macy came on our 1st Wedding Anniversary. She was a week over due, so when they scheduled us to come in to be induced on June 6, I thought- crazy, I will have a baby before our first Anniversary. But, they kept telling us all day that there were no rooms available and to only eat a light breakfast, then a light lunch, then finally at 6pm they let us come down and get started. My labor was about 6 hours- just after midnight and on the very day we were married just one year earlier. She came out with the biggest light blue eyes you have ever seen. I wasn't expecting blue eyes, but it was a fun surprise. She was always happy and easy going. I began training her to walk at 10 months old because we knew here sister would be here shortly and I wanted her to be walking before Kaitlyn arrived. Kaitlyn was due the end of June. We had just celebrated Macy's 1st birthday, and a few days earlier I was wakened about 2am not feeling so good. After about a half hour of thinking I had to be on the toilet, we finally started timing the episodes and realized they were happening every 5 minutes and that I was probably in labor. (Remember with Macy I never felt that, had to be induced- so this was a new experience for me). We called the doctor because I wasn't due for 10 days and I went a week overdue with Macy and he said to go ahead and go down. Thanks goodness that was his advice. If he would have told me to sit it out and wait I probably would have, but by the time we got to the hospital, it was pretty bad and I was having to stop in the hallways as we were trying to get up to the labor and delivery floor. I think I was a 6 when we arrived, they barely had time to give me some "happy juice" as I like to call it, and she was born just over an hour of being there. It was a very emotional time for me, I felt so much love for Kaitlyn, and felt so bad that I had just abandoned Macy. She was still so little. But she loved her sister and her sister loved her. Today, despite the occasional fighting (sometimes it is more often than not!) they are friends and I love knowing they will always have each other. I come from a family with the best mom in the world, she's just got it, Spiritual, but crazy and fun, she lifts me up, is the most patient with me and my quirks, and has always been there for me, then there are my 4 sisters. Each so different, yet we all have so much in common. I love these relationships, and now that I have 3 daughters of my own, I want to be the mother my mother is to me, and I want each of my daughters to cherish each other as much as I cherish my own sisters. Sorry- didn't mean to get sappy, but remember, this my Family's journal- deal with it!

Here are some highlights of their Skateland Birthday Party....

Happy Birthday Macy and Kaity

For their birthdays this year we celebrated at Skateland. It was a fun time, by the end of the party, all the girls (and boys) were pro skaters. Here's a collage of the fun we had!
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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kaitlyn the Dancing Queen

Kaitlyn had her final Dance Recital with her Hot Shots group. She has worked really hard this year and has improved 100% She was dedicated and had a great attitude, even though she didn't have any friends doing it with her. The dance with the tye-dye outfit was the whole company dance. They have been working on this dance since September, It had 2 costume changes (total of 3 costumes) throughout the dance. It was a neat dance and she got a feel for performing with a big group.

A week after finishing with the Dance Recital, she tried out for Club Dance's performing team. This time she had many friends, cousins, and neighbors trying out as well. They had to go to a 4 day camp, and on the last day they had to try-out. They were all so nervous. We moms were so nervous that maybe one of them wouldn't make it and all the others would...

Celebrating at Bahama Bucks after try-outs were over.

Woo hoo- Kaitlyn made it!

And so did everyone else!! (Sorry Paige and McKenna- I thought i had taken a shot of your stars too!!)

Can't wait to see the youngest star of the show... Grace Kennedy! This is really going to be alot of fun!