Monday, October 29, 2007

Summer Musical Theater Class

~June 18-29th~
Last summer we heard about a long time friend of mine, Jenee Wright Prince, was doing this musical theater class. By the time we heard about it, it was too late to sign up. Taylor really wanted to do it, so to quarantee that she would be in it next summer she saved most of her summer babysitting money to pay for the next summer's class! When I called Jenee to sign her up, I mentioned that I wish I could have all my girls participate, but with Lonny just getting out of the academy, things were too tight. She made a deal with me I couldn't pass up- beads for musical theater. So the girls went everyday, for two weeks, Monday thru Friday, 3.5 hours each day. They were instructed by not only the very talented Miss Jenee, but many of her accomplished Broadway friends, choreographers, etc... These are the type of experiences you pray your children will have. They build confidence and grow talents. I was so grateful they were able to have such a wonderful time while learning so much and meeting new friends! I loved the happiness and excitement on their faces in so many of the pictures, I had to post them!

They each had a singing solo AND an acting solo, I love the following pictures during
their solos- can you tell they are getting quite into it?? Ya think??

The entire group was so much fun to watch- they sang some 20 songs- each with acting intros and choreography to EVERY SONG! I still can't believe they were able to learn so much in the just 2 weeks! These pictures hardly even tell the story- the video absolutely does- it is a hoot!

When it was finally over, you could tell they were so happy that they did it!

Miss Jenee is the most talented person I know. My girls absolutely love her!
Hils was great to come and support! All our Grandma's and Grandpa's were there, Joe Joe and his family, and we were so glad they all came!

June 2007

It's great to be 8!
~June 16, 2007~
Kaitlyn's Baptism day was a very special day for our family. Lonny had to work all night and got off at 8am. So we asked to have the later time, to assure he would be home from work. So, we had a breakfast with our family before and then went to the Baptism together. The Spirit was very strong, I know she won't remember everything that was said that day, but I hope she will always remember how she felt. While we waited our turn for the font, our Primary President, Stephanie Teuscher, passed out pieces of paper to everyone. She instructed us to write down our testimonies or thoughts and then she gathered them again and made them into a little momento book for Kaitlyn to keep. It was just another special thing to help her remember how important the day was. Thanks to all who shared this special event with us.

Special day, Special girl!