Sunday, March 8, 2009

Surprise Birthday Weekend!

So, I don't talk much about my hubby on my blog, for no other reason that I just think kids occupy so much of my time and attention, so the same goes for my blog?! Anyways, my hubby surprised me with a nice, relaxing weekend away for my birthday! He arranged someone to watch the kids, and lots of fun things for us to do. We headed to Tucson, but stopped at the Biosphere 2 on the way there (just a little past Florence). We actually enjoy little tours like these. We are too lazy most of the time to ask people to take our picture, so we didn't get any of us together (we need to be better at that!)

After our Biosphere 2 tour we checked in at our hotel in Tucson, took a nap, watched TV, you know, all things you never get to do with the kids around! We went to a movie, ate out, and also went to the Karchner Caverns.
I had a great weekend! I'm so lucky to have a husband who is my best friend and who really looks out for me. I love you Lon!
P.S. He said the next get-away is my planning- anyone have any great ideas, not too expensive?!