Monday, September 1, 2008

Bobo's Preschool Field Trip's

Bobo's Preschool class was able to take a Field Trip to Williams Gateway Airport. They got to talk to two Medical Dr's that operated a helicopter. It was a real hit. Since Brig is in afternoon Kindergarten, he got to go to. They both loved it and listened very well.

As we were walking away from the helicopter, this fighter plane came in. They watched it land and then stop right by us, it was amazing to see each kid mesmorized by the the whole thing!

The next field trip was to tour a Fire Station. This was both Brig and Bobo's first time getting to see the inside of a fire station, again, they were very attentive, and loved seeing everything the firemen do when they are not putting out fire's!

Brig thought the cookie jar was funny, Bobo thought the garbage can was stinky!

Not a bad TV Room!