Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2008 Worthen Family Nativity

This year proved to be most interesting by far. It started with this very talented cast.

Seriously- is this the cutest face you have ever seen.
(His eyes are really this color too, we ask him what color his eyes are and he says, "Gold".)

Joseph and Mary took their roles very seriously, and were not camera shy AT ALL!
Baby Jesus did a great job too!

The sheep....

(no comment)

a very Wise Man.....
... and Grandma Judy, our Narrator!

Afterwards, we enjoyed a talent show from all the grandkids.
Wesley performed his dance from his school Hip Hop class...

Calee and Paige had head stand contests, eventually the boys tried knocking them over!

Boyd showed us his skills in Love Sac usage!

We also took the kids to go see the lights at the Temple. We hadn't been in a few years, they have really added some nice things to the event. I loved the nativity scene best, the kids loved the camels.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brig's Kindergarten Christmas Concert

Brig has been so excited for his school Christmas concert. We've heard him singing the songs in the bath, car, backyard, pretty much wherever he is. He loves to sing and is a very good singer like his dad. You can see by the photos he was having a great time during the concert.

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Foster Family presents Polar Express!

Instead of passing out the usual homemade candy this year, our family decided to host a movie outside with our neighbors. When we took around our Christmas cards, it included an invite to come see Polar Express outside the front of our home. It was on the verge of rain, but it never quite got going. We had lots of hot chocolate and even had Santa show up on the coolest 1980 Club Car! The evening was so much fun. We are so blessed to live in such a wonderful neighborhood with good friends who we love dearly.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2nd Annual Sisters GNO

Our GNO was put together at the last minute, no Hils and a couple little ones can't stop us from having a true GNO!!

In true GNO style- we headed straight to Sprinkles Cupcakes before it closed. Then headed straight for our favorite restuarant- Le Grande Orange (LGO) and put down about 6 of these- no problem!! Seriously- they brought out a couple and then went and brought the remaining pizzas- in the little time they were gone we pretty much inhaled one of the pizzas- the waitress kept thinking she still needed to bring us one more, but we kept trying to explain we had already devoured an entire pizza! It wasn't embarassing!

Some of our GNO consisted of naps with newborn babies- I mean does it get any better than that- seriously??!! Especially when the babe is sleeping like that!

And brothers were allowed to come and eat only the left overs and give their sisters neck rubs and find the funniest SNL skits on You Tube!!

We had a gal come and give us Holiday Glitter Toes!

And we waxed our feet and hands!! Felt sooooo good!

Even though we didn't do our Hotel sleep over- it was still alot of fun. I love all my sis's and truly can say they are each not only a sister, but a true friend.

And of course- the traditional bro and sis photo- in age order, no Hils on the end though!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Annual Cummard Gingerbread Night

It starts with food...
...and candy!
How much candy does it take to decorate a Gingerbread House? About this much!

The finished product- a perfect Gingerbread House made with love!