Tuesday, October 28, 2008

20 Year High School Reunion

So, I have been planning my Reunion for almost a year now. It has taken alot of my time and energy this year, sometimes I was really wondering if it was worth it, but after such a fun weekend, I have no doubts it was 100% worth it! I had such a good time with all my MHS buddies, some I had kept in contact with, some occasional visits, and some not at all, it didn't matter though! There is something about those High School years and your peers that is endless. It was like time never passed, except for the fact that we couldn't remember each others names, or had changed a bit....ok, changed alot!

1st Event- Friday Night at the bar!
Mindy, Kari, me, and Tamra

Marian and I, love this girl!

Mindy, myself, Marian, Eddie, and Tao

Eric and Marian

Annette, Oscar, Richard, Chris, Lynne, Richard, & Rudy

Danny Real (and his wife) and Craig

Danny Tucker on the right

Lonny and I with Rex and Christian- we closed the bar DOWN!
2nd Event- Saturday day, Family Event
Kim, myself, and Lachelle

Kim, myself, Brad, and Lachelle

myself, Nick, Doug, Mindy, Kim, & Sean

3rd Event- Saturday Night, Main event
Annette, Tamra, Talan, myself, & Mindy

MHS Class of 1988- 20 years goes by real fast!

Talan, still a ladies man after all these years... and lovin' it!
Georganne, Kim, Marian, Talan, Denise, Georgette, & Tamra

I went to school with this group since Longfellow Elementary!
Back Row: Craig, Eddie, Nate
Front Row: Alice, Seth, Aaron, myself, Heidi, Kristie, JoNeal, & Rex
Georgette and I

Marian, Scott, myself, & Talan

Marie and I

Non- Repitilians!

Reunion Committe! I had such a blast getting together with these gals the past year. They are some of my dearest friends. I had a great time planning the reunion, but most of all just talking about life, Nie Nie, food storage.... anything BUT the Reunion! Love you gals!
Kim, myself, Lori, Annette, & Mindy
Can't wait for my 25 Year Reunion!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

'N' stands for Niki n' Nie Nie- at least to me!

I have this ever so lovely sis-in-law, Niki, who is not only the most amazing wife to my brother Boyd, but is just a very unique and wonderful person overall. As we (my family) have gotten to know her over the past few years that she has been married to my bro, we have learned that she is not the shy girl we thought she was.

This observation first began at their Wedding Reception. We had learned sometime before the actual wedding day that she had 2 dresses, her beautiful "Cinderella" gown (as me and my girls like to call it)...
...and her "Dancing Dress", a vintage Wedding gown she had rented (for more on this dress go here!) just for the dancing part of the reception. (You have to imagine Niki in this dress- it's even that much more beautiful!)

We wondered why would she need a different dress to dance in? Most brides just do a few nice slow dances and maybe a fast song that they take their shoes off at the most so they can do a little more dancing, but Niki, she did an actual dress change! We soon found out this was completely necessary, as this girl can get down!! And from that moment on I knew we had something special just join the Worthen Family, and she has not let us down! She is cool, but classy- sheek and sassy, she is charming, witty, poised- just basically adorable.

I tell you of her because she recently gave my family and I an opportunity to do some good!

It started with an idea of a fundraiser for the Christian and Stephanie Nielson Family that turned into a Carnival.

We signed up to do a popcorn and cotton candy machine since we had access to both machines. My sister Syd began gathering all the supplies we needed, and my sister Courtney began making the cutest aprons for the event. We ended up having a fun day of helping others and even though it was a long day, it was well worth it! For more details, see Niki's post! I stole some of her pictures since I forgot my camera that day! Thank you Niki for letting us have the opportunity to serve others this day!

This is us in our aprons!

We even made some for each of our girls, since they helped us the entire day!

They had several balloon launches throughout the day- each time I got a little choked up thinking of the family that we were there for. My heart really goes out to them!Bobo loved the caramel apple booth!

Look how cute all the booths turned out: signs, material down the sides of each tarp- it was totally amazing how it all cam together!
Boyd and Niki- they both worked like crazy this day and did a lot of good!

My mom ran the Nie Nie shirt sale booth. She was right next to our popcorn/cotton candy booth- so we all had alot of fun working together!

My favorite booth they had there!
Niki and her sister Lindsay, they were in charge of the carnival and did an amazing job. I'm glad we're family!