Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And then it was Summer...

As soon as we were home from Boston, it was time to let the Summer fun begin.
First thing was our favorite Summer Theatre with Miss Jenee. This years theme was "School of Rock". It was a great theme for both the boys and girls. They really had fun "rocking it out" on stage. Thanks Jenee, you are THE BEST!

Brig attended Basketball Camp for 2 weeks and LOVED it!
Macy, Kaitlyn, and Brig did Swim Team. They were so good to get up early every morning Monday-Friday for practice and then early on Saturdays for Swim Meets. They all did so well. They have improved so much from last year and really love participating and winning ribbons!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Boston and New York! June 3-8, 2009

With a title like this, you know you're in for a long post with lots of photos!

My baby sister, Hilary, has been on a mission for our Church for the last 18 months in Boston. When my Brother Boyd served in Chicago, those who could made the trip decided to pick him up in Chicago and then do some sightseeing, etc... So, with the same thing happening in Boston, we put it out there for those who wanted to go. We ended up having all my brothers and sisters and their spouses and each of us took our 2 oldest children, (plus Court brought all hers) and we had 2 babies, all in all, we brought 24 people to Boston to see Hilary and see Boston. We all arrived on different days, some arriving in Washington DC, some in New York, but eventually we all were in Boston with Hilary!

This is our family on the bus from long term parking to our departure flight from Phoenix. We wanted to get a photo of all our different modes of transportation we would be using this trip!

My mom and I, she traveled both ways with us, which was an added bonus for us!


Macy and Kaitlyn waiting for the train to take us from our hotel in Boston to Picadilly Square in downtown Boston. (another mode of transportation!)
Just a cool street that shows some of the fantastic architecture and history of Boston! This all a part of a nice, free sightseeing tour called The Freedom Trail

The girls kicking back in front of Paul Revere's home!

Just breaking out into a dance along the Freedom Trail!

Even Miss Jaycee girl enjoyed all the sightseeing!

This was our first time seeing Hilary. Emotions were high, we were all so excited!

Davy having a moment while we went on a tour called Plimoth Plantation . This tour talked about the Pilgrims and Indians and showed us their way of life. It was interesting, hands on type of stuff, the kids really enjoyed it!

Us in a home similar to what the Indians would have lived in.

The girls enjoying rock candy from the store.

The last port of the tour was getting to see and go on an actual replica of the Mayflower.

Here we all our (except Kyle wasn't there yet!) It was pretty cold, we were all freezing! It was a little rainy, ALOT windy, heck, I was wearing shorts, we had no idea!

The Kennedys in the lower part of the Mayflower.

This church was the church Hilary was attending. It is in the Harvard University campus. Go here to read the story in her own words, it's a good one!

Being such fans of California, Newport Beach, and the PACIFIC OCEAN, we HAD to give the ATLANTIC some due time as well. It was so cold, but the kids wanted to say they all had been in the Atlantic Ocean! I think they all got in, was way too cold for us adults though!

It was a great spot to take some Family Photos. Here is all my family (dad couldn't make this trip!) We had to get the light house in the background!
All 25 of us!
All my brothers and sisters and our spouses!
My sweet family. The girls were great, they loved the trip and all we did. We were going, going, going all day, every day, and they were troopers and took it all in! Was so glad they were able to have this experience!

One reason they got to go on the trip was because it was both of their birthdays. So we told them if they got to go, that their plane ticket and everything we did there would literally be their birthday, no other presents or party, etc... They agreed, but we did got to eat at Hard Rock Boston and Macy got a free dessert and was sang to, she loved it!


On Sunday of our trip, Lonny and I arranged to leave early in the morning with the girls and drive to New York from Boston, spend the day in New York, and then drive back to Boston, because we were heading home for Phoenix the next day.

Here are the girls waiting for the boat to take us to Staten Island to see the Statue of Liberty. This is the New York skyline (where 2 Trade Towers should be standing!).

On the boat to Staten Island

Getting closer to the Island! I couldn't believe how excited the girls were!

On Staten Island, we had tickets to go inside the Statue of Liberty, but had a little line to wait in. Here are the girls waiting in a cute little spot near our line.

The original torch on display inside.

Looking up from our tour into the top part of the Statue of Liberty. Starting July 4th, you can now take tour into this part as well, we were a month too early.

View of the New York Skyline from the Statue of Liberty.

Awww, got this one at just the right angle!

In front of the Brooklyn Bridge

At an old church near Ground zero. Most of these headstones were hundreds of years old!

Kaitlyn on the Subway!
Ground zero, you can't see much of it right now, this picture doesn't give the depth of the hole justice, it was quite large!

Macy in front of Macy's, of course!

At the top of the Empire State Building!

Playing in Central Park

Carriage ride around Central Park

Back in Phoenix. We all arrived home safely.

So, forms of transportation used:










does walking count, because we did ALOT of that too!

Some quick thoughts to remember on this trip!

A friend of mine from High School, Dana Van Dyke, spent the whole day with my family in New York. She lives there and I had just seen her at Smitty's funeral the week before. When she mentioned she lived in New York, I told her we were going to be there in a week. She offered to meet up with us and show us around. She did JUST THAT! She was so awesome, she knew exactly how to get around, if it was faster to walk, take the Subway, what was a good deal or not. After I got home, I realized I didn't take one photo with her. She was so awesome, and made our day in New York filled with much more than we would have ever done on our own.
Thanks Dana!

I am proud to be an American. I love our American History! I am so blessed to live in the Land of the Free. I know it was hard earned and I am thankful for those who paved the way and continue to pave the way for our Freedoms!

I am thankful for my family. For the family I grew up with and for the family I now have a steward over. I love them ALL with ALL of my heart. This trip was so special and I will never forget the wonderful times we had traveling around together.

Welcome Home Sister Worthen, you were missed greatly, and it feels so good to have you home!