Sunday, May 31, 2009


One of my really good friends from High School passed away. Laura Smith-Foster (not related officially, but in one of our Reunion Meetings, we did mention we always knew we were sisters, and now with us both having the same last name, it was official!) I will miss her and her laugh and beautiful smile. The MHS Class of '88 really came together. Through various donations we were able to help provide food for the family celebration after the funeral and this beautiful flower arrangement!

Kim Huber, me, Coach Kerby, amd Marian. Some of my most favorite people!
Class of '88, we will all miss you Smitty!
me with Carla (Laura's sister) and sisters Lisa and Lori Nelms
In times like this, I become reflective of my own life and how short it could be. I don't want their to be any regrets. My family and friends mean the world to me, they always have and they always will. I am blessed to be surrounded with such good people in my life. I am thankful everyday for all of you! You mean the world to me!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

End of....

Here's a post to celebrate a lot of things coming to an end...

The end of Lonny's 41st year, Happy 42nd Birthday! He celebrated by getting his free lunch at the Farm Grill, of course!
The end of Brig's last year going to school Half Day, These were his Kindergarten teachers, Mrs McKinney is on the right, he really loved school this year. Mrs McKinney said he is definitely ready for 1st grade, way to go Brig!

Brig with Ty Hamblin on the left and Addison Church on the right. He made many friends this year, wouldn't it be fun in 13 years to see a similiar picture but in suits and ties, getting ready to go on their missions. I can't wait!

End of Kaitlyn's 1st year at Club Dance. I have some more photos in her beautiful Ballerina costume, but I have to scan them, will add them later. She did a great job in her recital. We had a lot of fun watching her and how much she has improved this year!

End of a great T-ball Season, with Luke, our cousin and lots of neighborhood friends too.

End of Brody's Preschool
w/ Mrs Sarah, she was so great working with Brody. She really encouraged him to keep a positive attitude and always say "I can" instead of "I can't"! He also made some great friendships, with 4 other boys in his class. I will post some video of the graduation as soon as I figure that one out too, is so cute!

End of early morning Orchestra! Here we are at Macy's last concert.
This is Kaitlyn with her 3rd grade teacher Mrs Ferree.
Cousin Kohl was in the Band
Macy and Emma were in the Orchestra.
And now, finally the end of this post!