Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ugh- Tagged!

I'm only doing this because I love my Vegas cousins....

One word. First word that comes to mind. No explaining. Not as easy as you might think.

1. Where is your cell phone?car
2. Your hair?short
3. Work? insurance
4. Your father? hospital
5. Your favorite thing? family
6. Your dream last night? forgot
7. Your favorite drink? diet
8. Your dream car? Hummer
9. The room you're in? Office
10. Your fears? kidnappers
11. What do you want to be in 10 years? active
12. Who did you hang out with last night? kids
13. What you're not good at? patience
14. Muffin? bran
15. One of your wish list items? pool
16. Where you grew up? Mesa
17. Last thing you did? email
18. What are you wearing? jeans
19. What aren't you wearing? jewelry
20. Your pet? Lola
21. Your computer? brain
22. Your life? busy
23. Your mood? calm
24. Missing? Grandma
25. What are you thinking about right now? Brody
26. Your car/truck? van
27. Your summer? swimming
28. Your relationship status? married
29. Your favorite color? brown
30. When is the last time you really laughed with meaning? evening
31. Last time you cried? hour
32. School? someday
33. Least favorite weather? cold
34. Soup? all
35. Movie? mushy

Not tagging anyone! And no more tags for me!!! Too hard!!!

Dancing the night away!

At the last minute I decided to take my kids to our Wards Family Disco Dance- we ended up having a pretty good time, I had fun trying to capture the moments! Below is some video of the fun! I'm feeling inspired to have a disco ball in my basement- the kids loved it!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy 13th Birthday Wesley!

Here are some fun facts about Wes...

He's an awesome Guitar Hero!

He's fun hanging out with!

He's the oldest boy cousin in our family, and is nice to everyone!

No matter how much we threaten him- he still pretty much ruins 80% of family photos because he can't resist doing something crazy like this!

I just love him because he is a kind person and always happy!

Have a good day Wes!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Re-enactment Photo- this one's for my family!

Had to get the two of these side by side. One was taken 21 years ago, and one was taken a little more recently- I don't think any of us have changed much!



Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Birthday G-Love!

This is a day late, because we were too busy celebrating on her real Birthday! Happy 4th Birthday to the Queen of Hearts! She is a special girl and we love her so much, not just because her birthday is on Valentine's Day either! Here's some fun photos I found of Grace!This was her Birthday Party set up yesterday- wearing hearts and eating hearts!Yes, she is wearing 2 necklaces- ADORABLE!Had to get these two in as well, Alice and Sally, aren't they the cutest Bead Diva models??!!

Here's a couple more I thought were so cute!Only a true Princess can pull off this number in cowboy boots!Happy Birthday Grace!

Congrats- Kaitlyn is February's Student of the Month!

This is such a wonderful accomplishment for Kaitlyn. We were so excited to get a phone call from the school inviting us to the next mornings Flag Ceremony to watch Kaitlyn receive her Student of the Month Award. Here is what her teacher submitted to the Principal:

"I feel this student deserves the student of the month award because Kaitlyn has proven herself to be such an amazing leader and great example for others to follow. She takes great pride in her work, and always strives to do her personal best. Kaitlyn is always willing to help others and truly demonstrates a humble, compassionate, and caring heart. I am proud to give Kaitlyn the honor of student of the month."Macy was so proud of her sister!
Principal Mr. Lee, Kaitlyn and Kendyl, who received the same award for her class!

Kaitlyn is a Hot Shot

This year for dance I was ready for Kaitlyn to do something a little more than just a weekly practice and a number in a recital in January and June. A new dance studio moved in right around the corner and they had one opening for a small performing group. She tried out last August, all by herself, and made it. I discussed with her the commitment it would be, more practices, couldn't miss practices when something else was going on, etc... I am real proud of her, she has missed some fun things because they were the same as a dance practice. She never complains and has worked hard on her splits, kicks, and toe touches. She is really turning into a great dancer. Here are a few photos of her latest performance. We had to wait over 4 hours from the time we got there to the time she performed. About 5 minutes before performing she came to me crying saying she didn't feel good. I was exhausted as well because I had been keeping the rest of my kids busy waiting as well, and I was going to see her dance! Needless to say, she dances, but not with even one smile! She still did good and I am really proud of her and how much she has improved this year!

I lost a tooth, on Friday AND Monday!

So Brig has been saying he had a wiggly tooth for a few months now, but hasn't really made a big deal about it. Sure enough, last Friday he came home from school like this....and a few days later on Monday, he came home from school like this.........I love my curly haired, brown-eyed, toothless boy!

Fighting for Computer Time...3 yr old vs. Mom

So, I love computers. I love email, I love digital photography, I love it all. I would love to learn so much more, but I just tackle it all a little at a time. I know our children are going to grow up in an era where computers are everything. With that said, I really don't mind my kids getting on the computer. They know the rules and limits, and are getting better about following them. But lately, after my morning chores are done and I am ready to sit down and answer my emails, update my blog, etc... this is what I find.

Since Brody only made it to about 3 days of Preschool this year. I was told about this website . I put it on our desktop so it would be easy for him to find. I have noticed a couple of times that he was on this particular site, but didn't pay much attention to it. Anyways, so the other day we were walking in a parking lot and I heard him say r-o-t-i-ssssssss (the sound)-i- o-vvvvv(again, the sound). I turned around and saw the word VISITOR painted on the pavement. I asked him the letters again and he knew them all. He is 3 1/2 and I have not worked with him a minute on this stuff. The next day, I went over all the letters and he knew about 20 of them. I have never had one of my kids know his letters and sounds before Kindergarten- I'm just not that type of a mom to sit down and work with them on it. I really think it had a lot to do with this web site- it is very kid friendly and interactive. He does parts of sentences, shapes, sounds, colors, parts of the body, and probably more. Go check it out!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sorry Sweetheart

So, those of you who know me know that I am a little OCD. I like things where they are supposed to be, I CANNOT function with even the slightest clutter. I am a bit of a perfectionist/ clean freak. I like things to be right, the way they were intended to be. So, with that said, I had begun gathering the needed items for the kids school Valentines. Kanoe and Syd have been doing these cute candy cane heart Valentines, but I didn't get the "Christmas left overs" that were 9 cents a box. So I made a mental note this year after Christmas, I needed to buy candy canes for next years Valentines. But, then Syd said she had a ton and I could have them. So I went and picked up about 10 boxes of candy canes. When I got home my hubby asked what it was all for, and I explained the project to him. I had 4 piano lessons to teach, which begun as soon as I walked in the door with the candy canes. When I returned to the "project area" this is the candy canes my hubby put together for me. Now, I know, he is so wonderful for helping, but I can't handle the excess glue, that stuck to the newspaper they were drying on. Needless to say, I had to say something to him, and his "helping time" was over. I am such a jerk! I really do appreciate when he helps me with things like this, that most hubbys wouldn't even bother with. But I really wanted my hearts to be glued like this,
and so I HAD to say something! Anyways, I know sometimes he reads these at work, and I just wanted to say that I was sorry and that I really appreciate all he does for me! By the way- here is what they looked like with the cute little tags. (Again, totally not my idea- thanks to Kanoe and Syd for the cute idea and supplies!)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

December 2007 Happenings

I'm still playing catch up on my blog! I am determined to one day post an event within the actual day of the event happening! But for the meantime- here is crazy December! (Now remember, this is a long post- so I am sorry for those of you who do not like all this reading and stuff, aka, Linds, but I am not posting this for you, this is a journal of my family, please bear with me!)
Remember these girls? Some of my gal pals and I were able to get away long enough to have lunch together. From left to right, Dawn Rogers Mattison, Mistie Davis Rash, Stacy Malone Tanner, myself, Mindy Bailey Thompson. Kim Krummenacher Huber and Heidi Reheis Baker joined us as well, I forgot to take the picture before they left. I love these gals and love that even though we don't see each other much, it is like no time has passed when we do get together. This year is our 20 year reunion! We are seriously not that old- right?!

2nd Annual Gingerbread House Decorating Night

The Cummard's hosted our 2nd Annual Gingerbread House Decorating Night. We are getting smarter each year we do it! Last year we thought it would be so easy to just buy the Costco kit- NIGHTMARE! The glue/frosting wouldn't harden fast enough for them and so decorating your house as it was falling apart was not so much fun. So, Syd, Cheryl, and Summer Cummard all stayed up the night before and put enough houses together with graham crackers and glue/ frosting- it took the 3 of them a few hours! But on Monday night when we all arrived, the houses were cemented together so well we begun decorating. My kids loved it! Who am I kidding- I loved it! Here are some photos of the evening.....

You think we might be in trouble with these girls??
Hilary and AshleySweet Sally!

Alice- bottle breakThe next generation of trouble??Grace was so proud!Chamberlin boys weren't missing this for anything!Grandpa was trying to take credit for the fine work Macy did on her g-house.
And the final result- aren't they cool!
The evening couldn't end without a little Guitar Hero!

...and a sister's picture.

1st Annual Sister's Weekend

This is the only photo I took of the weekend- I think I was having such a good time I just forgot about getting out the camera! This photo was taken at LGO after we had eaten 5 pizzas and had moved on to Gelato. Another man and his son were enjoying Gelato as well and so we asked him to take our photo. He proceeded to tell us that the funny thing was that he was a professional photographer charging something like $30,000 a day/ hour? I don't remember, you'd think if he was such a professional, he would have told me to get more in the picture like the rest of the gals- I look like I was trying to hide or something- oh well- I just thought that was funny!
My favorite thing, well 2 favorite things was having all the sister's there- especially Niki and Melissa. I feel like calling them my sis-in-laws doesn't even give them justice for how I feel about them. I feel like they are my true sisters and the weekend was so perfect with the two of them there. My brothers could not have married more beautiful women, both inside and out. It's funny, I grew up being a Worthen, but they will bear that name for the rest of their lives, and they do it well! The second thing was sharing a favorite gift. We all brought 8 items of our favorite thing to share with each other. It was so fun to share and receive and see what everyone came up with. I truly love each of you and can't wait until next year's get-away!

Worthen Family Nativity Night

Again, the Cummard's hosted the evening! We ate first, hoping the kids might get some of their energy used up before starting Nativity.And boy did we eat... lobster!The kids loved the live lobsters, I personally had David's yummy chicken.We decorated the tables with our latest Last Chance find (from the Girls Weekend).
Chargers for $1.00. Don't they look so cute under the red plates??

And then it was on to Nativity...Macy was MaryKaitlyn was a shepherdBrig was a wise manand Brody was a sheep!

Here are some of the most inspiring scenes you have ever seen in a Nativity show...
(you may want to get the tissues now!)
The Heavenly Choir and Heavenly Media

Santa travels by helicopter??!!
A local business, Junky Trunk, sponsors this event each year and I never go. I decided I better go while the boys would love it! The helicopter circled around and around above us. When it landed all this dirt flew up in the air, so you couldn't even see. When we finally could see- there he was!The kids were just standing there in amazement! Even the girls- they all loved it!

I don't know how, but out of all the hundreds and hundreds of kids that came to see Santa- guess who managed to sit on his lap FIRST??Bobo- way to go!

'Til We Meet Again...

This was a rough morning saying goodbye to Hilary as she departed on her mission. I didn't take many pictures because it was so early, and because I was crying so hard most of the time I couldn't focus.

I think Grace showed pretty much how all of us were feeling,
she was the only one brave enough to let it show!

Forgotten Carols
We went with quite a large group this year. Lonny and I are way in the back. The whole show was different, and we loved it! More characters, the usual beautiful music, it was a great night!

Ticket to Polar ExpressNot the "real" Polar Express, but even better was being invited to Quincy's Polar Express Birthday Party- Brody was so excited to go!

And then came Lola...
This was the kids 1st Christmas present to receive this year. She is a Chihuahua Toy. She is the newest member of our family and everyone of the kids loves her.
Even when they are asleep!

Foster Family Christmas Eve

Grandma Sue gave each of the kids 2 Webkins- they were so excited!

And, like Thanksgiving, I didn't take ANY photos of Christmas Day, they are all on video, which someday I will figure out how to add that to my blog.