Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cummards Cabin

At the last minute we decided to go up to Syd's and Davy's cabin in Strawberry for Memorial Day weekend. Both Lonny and I and a couple of the kids had been real sick (for over a week), and I wasn't sure if I felt good enough, but it was cool and relaxing, and the kids got along and played outside most of the time. We did some crafts, played games, built a fort in the woods, and of course we had some good grub!
Thanks Syd and Davy for sharing the cabin- it really is so fun to be up there all together! These two can put down some food!

Classic Twister!

The kids spent a lot of time building a fort up the mountain. They did a really good job, my kids can't wait to go back and work on the fort some more!

It even came equipped with a T.V.!

Flowers for Decorations

The swing is real popular at the cabin!

There is even a line for the swing!

Preschool Graduation

Well, Bobo managed to finish out his 2 month stint in Preschool. He really loved it by the end and I was so glad we were able to experience even a little bit of the Preschool process this year! He is also taking summer school, so I know next year will be no problem for him. Here's how is graduation went down....

Waiting to get ready. (or flirting with the girls)

First one down the stairs- he was really proud of himself.

Bobo with Mrs Karen.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

My treat for Mother's Day was checking out the newly located Spinkles in Scottsdale. My Sis's and I have been waiting very patiently for this, and it was worth the wait!!

I'm glad it's close enough, but not too close!

Then me and my Bro's and Sis' and spouses treated our Mom to her favorite restaurant, Ah-so


Lonny was able to get free tickets to the Diamondbacks game last week. I already had something that night so he took all 4 kids by himself!
They had a blast, but didn't take alot of photos!

There really is something about a Major Leaque Baseball Field!

Reverse Mohawk

Apparently the haircut (a few posts down) just wasn't short enough for Bobo!

Good thing it is summer and good thing he is a boy!

And good thing he is so darn cute!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

BYU Women's Conference

This is the first year my sisters and I have attended Women's Conference, and I don't think we will miss another. It was such a great time and I really came away feeling inspired and ready to be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. First stop, Visiting the Johnson's. Here we are with Aunt Jennifer (above) and our baby cousin, Brooke (below). We had a quick short visit with them, but many laughs were had and we were so glad to have seen them!

Besides being there as sisters, we had some good friends with us.
Juliet, Court, me, Amy, Syd, and Linds
Michelle, Juliet and Syd, waiting for our first class to start.
We went to all the Provo favorites, Pizza Factory, Kneaders, Wilkinson Center, etc...
Waiting and waiting, we did alot of this, but had fun doing it!
This was my favorite class. Mary Ellen Edmunds was the speaker. It was titled turning the MTC into a review, not a revelation. She was so inspiring and gave many ideas to help teach in your own home so that the MTC is only a review, not where you are hearing it all for the first time. She had some great ideas that I hope to implement in the near future!
But the best was yet to come! We were able to hear a Prophet speak. It was one of the highlights of my life. I can't explain how I felt when he walked into the Marriot Center, all 20,000 people immediately stood up, and someone started singing, 'We Thank Thee Oh God For A Prophet" and pretty soon, all 20,000 of us were singing. I could barely sing as I was so emotional.

He spoke of not letting the important things in life pass you by, but to enjoy the journey, day by day. "There is no tomorrow to remember if there isn't something today" and "Don't save something only for a special day, everyday is a special occasion."
This picture is blurry (we were asked not to use flash photography!) but as he left the meeting and was about to walk out, he turned and waved, it seemed to each and every one of us. And we all waved back. It was very touching and simple, but I will never forget the love I felt for him. He is truly a Prophet of God!
Afterwards, we wanted to get some pictures by the podium with all our gang.
You may have heard of Sherri Dew, but have you heard of Sherri Dew Merkley??
I love these girls!
Is it too early to make next year's reservations?? I'm inviting a few more to join us, Mom, my sis-in-laws, Vegas Cousins and Aunt, AZ Cousins and Aunts, UT Cousins and Aunt, Kanoe, Summer K...
You won't regret it!