Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Brig and Brody

These 2 brothers share a birthday. On July 19th Brig turned 7 and Brody turned 5. Right now it is a fun day for our family. (However, I fully expect the day will come that they won't like this common factor. I just hope they grow out of it and eventually appreciate it and I hope it helps them be even stronger brothers!) Anyways, they always seem to have this special day right in the middle of our Summer Vacation to Newport, which is fun, but seriously, we don't give up a day on the beach for anything! So, we celebrated their birthday the first chance we could... a month later! But celebrate we did... how much better does it get, than a Pirate Pool Party? It was packed with boys, games, food, boys, swimming, treasures...and lots of boys!

Brig and Jonathan

Tanner Halls

Monday, August 10, 2009

First Day of School

Here we are so excited for the first day of school, really! Macy is starting 5th Grade, Kaitlyn 4th Grade, Brig- 1st Grade, Brody- Pre K. We are excited about their teachers, everyone, but Brig has a teacher who is new to the school or new to teaching, so it should be interesting!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cali 2009- Newport Beach or Bust!

Newport Beach did not disappoint this year! And we were lucky to enjoy it for a perfect 2 weeks! Fun things to remember this year:
Collins' Family just down the street- Record Breaking waves from Friday to Sunday-Sprinkles- L.A. w/ Court- Dustin the Deamon- Eating out- Balboa Bars- Digging a scary tunnel- Hi Chews- Settlers and Cards- Ferris Buellers Day Off- Yet another sunburn- Mexican Seafood- Panini's- Friendly Neighbors- not "looseing" your kids- Nurse Ned- Seaside Donuts- Awesome Guitar singer on the beach- Jaycee girl loving the beach just like her daddy!
Lots of pictures again, but it's hard for me to pick which ones not to put in!
So fun to be reunited with Melissa and Jaycee. We hadn't seen them since Boston because they are living in Houston. Kyle didn't make the trip, but Jaycee did enough beach bummin' for her daddy! I think I took as many pictures as Jaycee as I did my own kids!
Always lots of fun on the rocks!

Crabs, starfish, snails, OH MY!
If you click on the picture you can see more clearly why this photo had to be taken- you gotta love babies in the sand!
Wesley the Stud!
Some sassy girls- as always!
Paige, Court, and Kaitlyn waiting for a good wave to ride!
Had to get Cooper and all that surfing hair!

Macy's eyes are so cool near the beach, they are the exact same color as the ocean!
Sally Sue taking a water break from a hard day on the beach!
Brig hard at work on that day's sand castle.
Kaitlyn coming in from a big wave!
The Collins' Family had a raft the first day and were having so much fun, we made a special trip to Walmart to get us a couple, the kids AND adults had a blast on these rafts- a new favorite!
Brig- making sure I knew he was not scared of the water.
Bobo and Conway, once again, Bobo FINALLY got in the water the last day! Hopefully next year he'll give it a try earlier in the week so he will get to enjoy it longer!

Some great entertainment on the beach- songs from High School Musical to the Beach Boys- really some great stuff!

Lookin' good Wes!
Taylor and Melissa
So good, even the babies were loving it!

Macy doing some underwater snorkeling for sea shells.
Most of the kids, that's about as good of a picture as we could get!
Last night at the Fun Zones- everyone took a turn on the crazy bungy trampoline.

Hilary and Paige- we were so excited Hilary decided to come up at the last minute!

Time to go home, packed in like Sardines- seriously!