Sunday, August 10, 2008

First Day of School

Brody- Last year of Preschool
Brig- Kindergarten

Kaitlyn- 3rd Grade

Macy- 4th Grade

Sisters Forever!

Brig and Addison getting ready to line up for their first day of Kindergarten!

Have a good day- mom sure will!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Newport Beach 2008

At another attempt to catch up I thought we'd get our Family Vacation documented! I have been going to Newport Beach nearly every summer of my life, and I still will continue to go every summer for the rest of my life! I'm sure there are great vacations and other places to go. But for the fun we have and the money we pay- you just can't beat this one.

Taylor and Shannon (Lindsay's babysitter)

Not a bad 1st day on the beach!

Todd on Beach Clean-Up Duty

Everyone had their turn of being buried... here's Bobo



Wesley, Kohl, and Davy 3 were too cool to be buried!

This is Davy 3 showing just how cool he really was- getting his surfer bleach blond hair-do!

Cutest buns on the beach!

The biggest hole on the beach! (The lifeguards kept coming over and telling us not to dig it any deeper, in case the water came in, he didn't want it collapsing on any of the kids!)

And when that hole was done, we'd just start a new one!

And look cool doing it!

Classic Beach Bums- we have mastered the technique!

The last few years we have spent our days at the beach next to a large family who always has the best beach toys and games. When they weren't playing, they would let our kids play- the kids loved it and would watch the other family play and cheer them on. Here's Brig's attempt at getting the bean bag in the hole!

Taylor looking pretty darn cute on the beach!

Bobo spent hours flying his kite- we will be buying a kite every year- WORTH IT!

Lonny treated me and the girls to a pedicure- it was the girls first time and they loved it (and keep asking when they can do it again!)

Taylor also got her eyebrows waxed for the first time- sorry Tay- had to document that one- they looked so good!

And finally on the last day, look who decided to check out the water! I'm sure next year I won't be able to keep him out of it!

The 4 year olds: Bobo, Molly, and Grace


Bobo and Daddy, staying cool in the shade!

Macy riding the wave all the way in!

Another first on the trip for the girls... Sprinkles Cupcakes!

Girls night out on the island!

Will we ever get sick of riding the ferry? I hope not!


We were so excited to have Ryan and Katie join us for about half the week this year. At the time, they were expecting their first child (Parker Elaine- post on her coming soon!). They were alot of fun and we hope we can do it every year?! The last night we took them to the Fun Zone and Balboa Island- we had a good time watching the kids and eating!

Our only attempt at a family picture failed, Brig refusing to get in! Oh well, there's always next year- right?!

What a better way to end the week, then ice cream from Dad's!