Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pro Football Player- Brig!

Brig signed up for Flag Football this season (took a break from soccer!) I really didn't think he would do that good, or be so into it, especially since breaking his leg a year and a half ago, he hasn't been the strongest runner, but I was WRONG! He was so into it, and quite a good little runner, scoring a few touchdowns, and making some good tackles (oops- I mean steals of the flag!) We had a fun team with cousins, Luke and Clay, and neighborhood buds, Luke J, Curtis, Johnathon, Jake & Elias. One time Brig was the quarterback (which is also the guy who runs the ball) and he ran from one end of the field to not just a touchdown, but kept running past the end zone, almost to the parking lot. I think he was a little excited- it was very much like watching Forest Gump- "Run, Forest, Run!!" Here are some fun photos from his last game. Thanks Coaches Ted and Whit- we had a real fun time!

The only player missing from our team was Addison- we really missed playing with him, plus he was a real good football player- not much fun playing against him- he scored a touchdown everytime he was quarterback, and tackled our quarterback alot! Next time Addison, you're playing with us- not against us!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Our Love Story

I know I said I refuse tags- and seriously this IS my last one I will do- I promise, but my sis-in-law tagged me, and although I can't remember half the details for most the questions, I am doing it, my memory will only get worse from here on out, so I might as well document what's left in my pathetic brain!

1. Where did you meet?
Lonny and I met at the MCC Institute of Religion. He had just returned home from a mission, and I had just graduated from High School. We had many mutual friends, and were just hanging out together in a big group.

2.What was the first thing you said to him?
OK- this question requires too much detail. We obviously didn't have "fireworks" in the beginning, so I really don't remember the first time I saw him or what I said. I just remember him being alot of fun and easy to talk to.
3. Where was your first date?
Again, I honestly do not remember, I'll have to look back in my journals, I'm sure it is documented in there somewhere. Some of our early dates were Trolley rides around Mesa, one day he called and told me to get dressed kind of nice, and when to be ready. When he showed up, he had a dozen roses and tickets to the Neil Diamond concert that night. Another time, he told me to grab a loaf of bread that he was coming to pick me up. He picked me up and we went to Freestone Park and he had a little picnic on a blanket and then we fed the ducks. It was the first night we really talked and talked about anything and everything, I think this was when I realized I really cared about him more than just a friend.

4. Where was your first kiss?
If it wasn't at my front door (because, again, I really don't quite remember) then it was at the above mentioned park date. I remember feeling like this guy really likes me and I really like him. We were such good friends before we were ever romantically connected, that those feelings were almost unexpected!

5. How long did you date?
OK, minus the 4 year marriage he had, we dated from 1988 to 1997 when we were married. It's a crazy dating story, with many ups and downs, and confusion, and good times. But we both know if we have survived all that and we are still together, than we can survive anything!
6. Where did you get engaged?
We got engaged in his home in Utah in front of a fire early one morning. I had gone to Utah to be with him for Christmas, my first Christmas away from home. We went to Colorado to meet up with his family. I was with him when he bought my ring, but I told him I wasn't wearing it until he asked me. He held onto it for a few days. Finally, one morning, he set up a fire and some blankets and pillows and we were talking and he finally asked me.

7. When were you married?
We were married June 7, 1997. We were not able to marry in the Temple due to his recent divorce. The morning before we were married, we took photos around the Temple, and then went into the Temple and did sealings. They thought we were married, and we even got to kiss each other.... as proxy's, but it was still special. We were sealed July 18, 1998 when Macy was about 5 weeks old. Taylor and Macy were both able to be in there, and that is a day I will never forget!
8. How did your reception go?
June can get a little warm in Arizona. And it was everyday leading up to our wedding day, but the day of our wedding a little storm came in and it was actually a cool day and perfect evening. Our reception was held at Ed and Joanne Singleton's backyard. Many friends and Young Women helped in the kitchen. Debbie Stapley, JoMarie Woolf, and my mom, and I'm sure many others, helped with the decorations. It was beautiful, and I truly felt like a Princess!

9. How was your honeymoon?
Norm and Miriam King gave us the keys to their cabin in Pinetop. We loved the peace and quiet of the outdoors. It was a much needed break from all the craziness leading up to the Wedding.

The best part of our love story was yet to come though!

10. I tag Aimee, Missy, Sheba, Carrie, Kanoe, Jyl, and K.C.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Hero, Once a Marine, Always a Marine!

On March 24, 2005, Jared, Lonny's youngest brother, was serving with the Marines in Iraq. It was hot, they didn't sleep well, and he was part of a squad on a special mission that he couldn't discuss even with his family. He had only been there 6 weeks when a 50 caliber round entered through his lower spine and exited out his abdominal cavity, pretty much leaving him a hole in the middle of his body. (The 50 caliber bullet is the one on the far left below- HUGE!) The family got word when 2 Military Officers showed up letting us know he had been in an severe accident, they didn't have any details for us, whether he was alive or dead, or the extent of his injuries. So the waiting game began and we rallied together as a family. We soon learned he had been taken to Germany and if he stabled enough they would fly him to Bethesda, MD, to the National Naval Medical Center. This is where we were first able to see him.

His wounds were such, that he will have a permanent disability for the rest of his life. He does have the ability to stand and walk, however it will not be an easy journey. Corporal Foster has been undergoing many surgeries and intense rehabilitation for almost two years now. (He has undergone over 40 surgeries!!) Since his return, he has been honored in many ways. From newspaper articles (such as below), Grand Marshall in the Phoenix Veteran's Day Parade, and many spotlights on different news stations.
We, as a family have supported him, more specifically his mother, Sue, and father, Joe, have been there for him 100%, from helping him fill out the millions of forms to making sure his needs were being met by the Military. We have gradually watched him get stronger, both mentally and physically. Here's some fun Jared photos....
Christmas 2005
The Foster Family, 2005
Lonny and Jared, 2005
Last year he bought what can best be described as nothing more than the shell of a 1968 Camaro coupe. His hope was to build a nice car for himself, but the effects of his injuries make it difficult for him to do "those car tasks" that require good physical agility. His wounds won't keep this good man down. He's been trying to do as much as he can on his project---sand-blasting, wire brushing parts, clean-up, etc. But it's some of the other aspects of working on a car that are a problem, such as leaning, crawling underneath, working under the dash, etc. He is also realizing that he has taken on a major project, one that may be more daunting than he realized at first.

Jared recently approached John Bauler, President of the First Generation Camaro Club here in Phoenix, in search of parts for his Camaro. Upon getting acquainted with Jared and examining the car, it was found to need a great deal of parts, as the car did not have an engine, adequate running gear, interior, body trim, wiring, etc. It was also discovered that this car needs much of its sheet-metal replaced.
Upon getting more acquainted with Corporal Foster, John Bauler quickly realized that Jared would probably not be able to complete this car anytime soon, due in part to his physical disability and his need of someone who understood how to assemble these cars. It was then that John decided to approach the club and ask them if they were willing to assist in taking on this project, as a way of thanking this young veteran.
The club was more than willing to accept this challenge and word has quickly spread through the metro-Phoenix auto-hobbyist circles. This resulted in a group of people from the First Generation Camaros of Arizona, the Cactus GTO Club, and a few Chevelle club members coming together to assist in any way possible on this project. As a token of thanks to the Corporal, everyone has been very eager to assist, by providing parts, labor and financial support as needed.

Last Sunday, a "sting" was set up. Jared was picked up by the Marine Corp and told a high ranked Military official was going to be meeting with him since he was going to be retiring from the Military soon. When he arrived at Falcon Field Airport he was escorted by a Marine on each side and thousands of people. He had no idea why there were so many people in the wing of the airport. He soon learned he would not be meeting with any Military Officials, and that his car, which he thought had gotten a bad paint job and was being stripped down and repainted, was in fact..... well see how it all played out........

As many people lined up on the left side, there were that many lined up on the right side as well. We had alot of friends and family show up, but we had no idea who all these people were, but it made all the more exciting!!

Jared learning he is not there to meet with the Military. Has no idea what is about to happen!

He said he figured it was something big because of all the news camera's in his face- literally!

This is his first look at the car!

Bad to the Bone was playing when he turned the car on for the first time- he loved it!

These are some of the people who worked on the car and helped assemble it.
Jared and his mom- his biggest fan!

His brothers and cousins can't wait to drive this thing!

At one point he just sat down in a chair right in front of the car and just sat there and stared at it!

I couldn't believe my mom got in the car!

So, then I had to as well!

My kids were so great! We had a real fun day looking at all the planes and cars out at Falcon Field! This was at the very end, and I think they were getting a little tired??!!

The Finished Project- she's a beauty!
Fox 10 News:

Channel 5 News:

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Lindsay

Here's some fun Lindsay facts:
She is a good decorator always giving everything just the right touch!

Ragnar Race, March 2008 London's Run, Feb 2008

Casa Grande Triathalon, Nov. 2007

Turkey Trot, Nov 2007

She is one of the most determined people I know, if she puts her mind on something, she will do it! Especially when it comes to exercise and eating good! These are just the last couple of races she has done in the last couple of months. She never stops running (unless her shoe is untied) and even though she has 2 toe nails about to fall off, she will do another one again soon!

Lindsay and Emma at the Hannah Montana Concert!
She is the most patient mom I know. She is kind and loving to her children, and a good example to me on being a good mother.

She is one of the best Bargain Shoppers I know! (And Bead Scout)

She hosted my first Bead Divas party back in 2002, and she has been going strong ever since!

I really just love hanging out with the girl, and yes, it is because she is my sis, but mostly because she is a true friend and I love her!

Here are a few more photos from her Birthday Celebrations!