Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spring Soccer 2010

Macy contines to get better and better! She is not afraid to get right in the middle of a group of players and get the ball, she has no fear! And this year, her team which range from age 10-12 were playing 13-14 year olds, girls AND boys. Some games it looked like she was up against a man, but she still got right in there, it was funny to see the mismatch. I look forward to watch her play many more years!

This was Brody's first time playing. This picture looks like he has great focus and dedication to the sport. This must have been a rare moment, because the kid seriously just got out there and paid no attention to the game, it was hilarious to watch, no rhyme or reason as to why he was out there running from end to end of the soccer field.

Oh yeah, there was a reason for all the running...... the after game treats!

Brig on the other hand is very focused and had a great season. He is very aggressive

and really is starting to understand the sport.

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