Monday, October 19, 2009

We love the Phoenix Zoo!

I decided to get an annual membership to the zoo, so these are pictures from a few visits. Brody had never been, and so I figured it would be a good thing we could do with him on days he had early release, etc... I didn't realize how much the older kids still love the zoo, including me. Maybe because I have been going to this zoo since I can remember? Not sure, but I love that my kids love to go, and even though Wesley doesn't look to happy in the picture below, he really did have a good time, just had to be cool for the picture!

Syd and Sally looking at the monkeys

Can you tell he loved brushing the goats hair? There's only one person I know who doesn't... sorry Kris, you're really missing out on some fun!

Cool new spot at the back of the elephants, you get much closer... to the smells and all!

Our visitors this trip... Carter Loar, Tanner & Jake Cardon, Melissa & Jaycee Worthen
(I love how happy Jaycee girl is in this photo... and chubs!)

Some cool boys!

Best Buds!

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kristen said...

Cute pictures! And...I have grown to "like" the goats at the zoo - even though I clearly remember the one who ate my lunch!